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Logo Sebastian Androne-Nakanishi
Logo Sebastian Androne-Nakanishi



Mélanie Huber, director

„Sebastian's compositions were very great, challenging and inspiring for me as a director and the collaboration was extremely pleasant. The atmosphere he created for Nosferatu, for example, was mysterious, interwoven and poetic and equally powerful, exactly what was needed for an entertaining and suspenseful open-air theatre.”

Resonant Threads

Bridging Emotions and Thoughts

I believe that music demands passion, honesty, and a fervent desire to weave connections between us all—across both time and space. My journey is one of self-discovery, a pursuit of personal (artistic) will, exploring facets of truth, and striving for ever more poignant ways to express oneself, particularly through composition. This exploration is not a quest for originality, but for authenticity; not for aural novelty, but for the most candid, eloquent, and meaningful musical expressions.


Each composition I create reflects an emotion or an idea, whether profound or seemingly trivial, with the intention to stir something within the audience. My music seeks to forge connections, leaving listeners not just impressed, but moved and contemplative. It's about transforming even the simplest of musical ideas into a narrative that resonates, making the intangible feelings and thoughts within us something palpable and enduring.


Audible Narratives

Sculpting Sound into Stories

Each project I undertake is a creation of new realms—whether sculpting voids into concert pieces or weaving tales in soundtracks.


My journey seeks not just to immerse but to enrapture, shifting from dazzling spectacles to touching the profound. Music, for me, is a meta-language that transcends mere words and rational thought, awakening something elemental within us—perhaps best described as the soul, essence, or spirit.


This language, borne of a blend of rigorous classical roots and the vibrant echoes of nature and human experience, navigates the space between intuition and analysis, crafting compositions that resonate with structured fluidity and deep, ethereal connections.



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